WHY I WORK at ScanCom?

ScanCom Group is a leading player in the global market for outdoor furniture. To maintain and develop this position, we are convinced it is a prerequisite to conduct our business in a responsible manner – “Doing Business the Right Way

Stig Maasbøl - Group CEO
ScanCom International A/S

Rene, De Kok
Group Commercial Director

At Scancom we offer a fantastic work environment for our employees and are committed to “Doing Business The Right Way”. The team at Scancom provides our customers with great products that are made in our production facilities to the latest and highest industrial standards, contributing to being a leader on CSR in our industry
Rafael Rosales Munoz
Regional Sales Manager

At ScanCom your role changes through the year: From product development to production planning and marketing implementation. This makes every day in ScanCom a different and exciting one.
Ben Peadon
Senior Project Manager

ScanCom cares about you and helps you to grow, strive to learn new skill sets and appreciate us and we can see that every day. The role I have had in the company and the work are interesting, challenging and rewarding. It’s exciting to be part of a company that is so diverse yet always forwardthinking. The environment is incredibly empowering and the core values of the firm align with mine.
Lars Overgaard
Composite Production
To work for ScanCom with the dedicated Teams around really make me proud to be a part of the ScanCom family! Working for a company where it’s possible to offer so many product combination from different factories units through continuous development – JUST make my day! Can’t ask for a better place to be!
Huynh Thi Kim Hoang
Marketing Senior Manager

Joining Scancom was an easy decision for me. At ScanCom creativity and talent are nurtured in a friendly working environment. We have many great people here who have taught me new ways of thinking, the way to do business and how to live my life.
Saptomo Budi Prayitno
Senior Manager –Technical

I enjoy how ScanCom is built as family, and respecting people and environment. I am proud that ScanCom is strict to the rule to be clean and to keep “Doing business the right way”.
Felype Rodrigues Moreira
Coordinator - Production,
Maintenance and Quality
ScanCom has been an excellent place to find, knowledge, opportunities and challenges in the right way, so, I’m proud to say: “I work for ScanCom”
Charlotte Korn
Managing Director - SCIN

Now after so many years, I enjoy to have been part of the “history” of SC/ partners/customers and the good and tight relationships it has led to with many people around the world, while getting through some interesting challenges together. And the chance to have positive impact on people’s lives and really make a difference, as we can with our SA8000 commitment here at SCIN.