From Ocean debris into sustainable furniture

At ScanCom, we understand that environmentally responsible initiatives are the only way to deliver innovative product development. DuraOcean® Chairs are a shining example of our commitment to sustainable development practices, manufactured from 100% recycled plastics recovered from the ocean.

Not only are the raw materials taken from recycled marine debris, but the entire chair can be disassembled and recycled once again at the end of its lifecycle. The majority of the plastic is sourced from fishing nets, which along with other salvaged plastic debris provide the green DuraOcean® colour.

Our partners collect the waste from the ocean, before processing it into a valuable recycled raw material, which is delivered to us in pellet form. These pellets are mixed into resin with other additives and gas-injected into our custom-built moulds. The result is a UV-resistant and ergonomically designed bucket that is supported by our hard-wearing FSC® Brazilian Eucalyptus wood.

Together, we can do our part to clean up the ocean by Doing Business the Right Way – The Sustainable Way.