Yesterday, August 21st, 2023, ScanCom signed an investment contract for the supply and installation of solar panels for our Long Giang aluminium operational excellence centre.

The contract is a 20-year agreement for the operation of a solar energy solution which will allow for more than 1,500 MWh of energy production per year, and a Kilo Watt Peak (kWp) of ~1.240.

Part of an ambitious roadmap for ScanCom’s work with ESG & Sustainability, ScanCom Group CEO, Stig Maasboel, shares: “Finally, we can complete our major investment in Long Giang by entering this partnership agreement. It was our dream from the start to introduce renewable energy for our largest manufacturing project in Vietnam – and now we have signed the agreement and really a strong – and necessary – commitment to our way of working – Doing Business the Right Way, where we try to address all aspects of the ESG agenda”.

A representative from TotalEnergies – Ms. Nguyen My Hanh, Sales Director Vietnam – said: “ScanCom is one of the very first companies to set up solar panels for their operation in Long Giang Industrial Park and it is our great privilege to partner with ScanCom on this sustainability project. We hope to go support ScanCom’s future projects on green energy and make Vietnam greener together.”

With ScanCom Long Giang being the single, largest fully owned production operation for the Group, this was a natural choice for the first investment project and cooperation on moving into green energy. It is calculated that new system will allow for upwards of 1,270 tonnes of CO2 reductions in the first year alone. This is equivalent of a reduction in impact of about 20% for this operation site alone.

“We have a declared target to reduce our complete CO2 emissions by -80% in 2030, where a milestone target of -40% is to be achieved in 2025 - which is right around the corner. We hope this will be only the first project in the TTE-ScanCom cooperation, and that we can identify other locations to implement green energy projects of a similar type.”  Stig Maasboel closes.

The Long Giang Aluminium Operational Excellence Centre is a fully roofed facility, including office and logistics areas. The Solar Panel agreement will initially cover 10,500m² of the roof.