“How does one work with compliance, securing the supply chain, and achieve business synergies…?”


For ScanCom one answer has been to purchase a forest! Through our Group entity, ScanCom do Brasil, we have purchased half of an entire forest of FSC Eucalyptus Grandis, looking ahead to secure access to high quality raw material, and deep involvement in the downstream of the supply chain. 


In collaboration with our partners through more than 20 years, Klabin, we have acquired ~50.000m3 of wood. We aim to keep ahead of demand and stay on top of our commitments to achieve supply security of the certified wood – not to mention close connection to the running of the plantation and the due diligence needed for FSC raw material.

This collaboration also allows for great synergy, as the parts of the plantation not used by us will be used by Klabin in its own production – without conflict of interests from the industry! Obviously, this is not only great for both of our companies, but also for our commitment to the environment, reducing wasted resources and ensuring maximum compliance.

Eucalyptus Grandis is a great wood species for outdoor furniture and applications as it is relatively dense, hardwearing and resistant to weather, grows fast, and has beautiful. fairly even wood veins. All of this makes the hardwood ScanCom's 'standard' hardwood of choice.

It is important for ScanCom that we are able to deliver on market demands, and with the competition for raw material ever intensifying, this is a great step for the Group in being able to live up to customer needs and wishes.

The first wood will be mature towards the backend of 2024, so we already have a head start on material for 2025!