Sometimes good becomes better, and great becomes fantastic.

Heading into 2024, ScanCom look forward to bringing our improved DuraBoard® to the market - alongside a world-first, digitally printed version of the unique table top material.

What is DuraBoard®?

DuraBoard® is ScanCom's own, uniquely developed composite wood-plastic material, created to enable production of sleek, practical table top designs, while combatting production waste. Comprised of FSC sawdust and polyethylene resin, the material is extruded as long pieces that are then cut into boards, before receiving a special coating on the sides and the top, applying the colour and style that is requested from our customers and Design Team, while also protecting the material from weather, dirt, and superficial scratching.

Available in wide boards or slats, the material is fully FSC-certified, making it unique in the furniture market, and an excellent substitute option to HPL, ceramics, concrete and the like.

DuraBoard® 2.0

Over the course of the Summer and early Autumn of 2023, ScanCom has undertaken a significant investment and installation in our own facilities in Long Giang: the installation of our new DuraBoard® line.

The new line is a single-flow solution, relying heavily on automation and computer-controlled calibration, that enables us to deliver a much higher quality on our DuraBoard® material, while also improving consistency in uniformity of the table top material.

In just seven minutes, the DuraBoard® receives a multi-layer base coating, a top-coating in mono colour or with a roller-pattern, and a final UV-sealer treatment, going from a 'basic' composite wood-plastic element, to a stylish material perfectly suited for outdoor furnitiure.

The New DuraBoard® Premium

Building on the updated production line, with its significant improvements in calibration, quality, speed, and consistency, ScanCom have invested in a special digital printing section - essentially allowing for any style of design to be added to the base DuraBoard®.

Applied on top of a white base coat, the machine allows for the printing of patterns from a specially adjusted digital file right onto the material surface. This enables a greater degree of detail and colour variation than has previously been possible with traditional rollers, giving almost unlimited options for ScanCom's internal Design Team and our customers to work with.

The printing process itself takes only around two minutes, and can create patterns of faux wood, stone and concrete, or even pictures, in resolutions of up to 600dpi. This is above even traditional poster printing, in terms detail level.

Naturally, this world-first improvement to an already special material is something ScanCom is very excited to bring to market and share with our customers all over the Globe.

You can check out the process videos for both our Standard and Premium DuraBoard® right here:

DuraBoard® Standard

DuraBoard® Premium